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Creative Feel’s Photobooth

The Creative Feel Photobooth was created as a space to have fun and interact with our team and friends at events, while making you look like the latest artist on

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Janni Younge’s “The Firebird”

A bird puppet for The Firebird under construction. This production of The Firebird, directed by Janni Younge and choreographed by Jay Pather, is a puppet and dance performance set to

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Tsoku Maela’s “The Anointing”

Tsoku Maela, The Anointing A Cape Town-based photographer, director and writer from Limpopo, Tsoku Maela found his path in life after a perplexing medical emergency in 2014 which inspired him

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Nelo Teixeira’s mixed media

Nelo Teixeira, Untitled, mixed media, 180 x 61 cm. Image courtesy the artist and Adriano Maia Internacional. Angolan artist, Nelo Teixeira was born in 1975. Teixeira studied painting and sculpture

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Ardmore ceramics

‘For 31 years the Ardmore artists and I have toiled away in KwaZulu-Natal, creating fanciful ceramics that have provided an income to feed many a family. Every year we have

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Nigerian artist Fred Martins

Nigerian artist Fred Martins uses art to trigger an emotional response in the viewer and to convey a serious message about climate change. The visual, graphic and surreal artist realised

The March issue of Creative Feel

The March issue of Creative Feel featured an incredible photograph of Hugh Masekela, which was captured by Brett Rubin, with art direction by Nicole Van Heerden and production by the

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