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anele Muholi Faces and Phases photography South African black white photograph

The thread that binds

Constant & Cultural is a monthly column by Michelle Constant, CEO of The Constitution Hill Trust, a journalist, radio presenter, business leader and champion of the arts. Recently in the City Press, currently my favourite weekend newspaper, I read an article titled Nobody Will Be Named by journalist

Rehilwe Mooketsi Phunya music DAC arts culture musician

Bringing black womxn musicians to the periphery

Under the leadership of trailblazing singer songwriter Rehilwe Mooketsi, a new recording label has been launched. Appropriately named Phunya, the new label has a different mission; to bring performers who are black womxn to a space where they can take on a male-centric and whitewashed

Love Story

Candice Breitz – Love Story

Love Story – a seven-channel installation by Candice Breitz – interrogates the mechanics of identification and the conditions under which empathy is produced, prompting viewers to consider: Why is it that the same audiences that are driven to tears by fictional blockbusters, remain affectless in

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