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Theatre on the Square Daphne Kuhn

A rather special place

Margaret Thatcher famously said that ‘if you want something done, ask a woman’. And when a woman brings all her passion to the task, there is simply no limit to

Editor's Note

Tartuffe, unAfrican?

Lore Watterson is the Editor in Chief and Publisher of Creative Feel Magazine When Sylvaine Strike brought Moliere’s The Miser to The Market Theatre a few years ago I fell

Molière in South Africa

A wily opportunist, who affects sanctity and gains complete control over Orgon, a rich bourgeois who in his middle years has become a bigot and a prude. To the great

The Market Theatre

About: The Market Theatre, founded in Johannesburg in 1976 by Mannie Manim and the late Barney Simon, was constructed out of Johannesburg’s Indian Fruit Market – built in 1913. The

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