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Hennessy partners with art-world phenomenon, Vhils

Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac, is proud to announce its collaboration with urban artist Alexandre Farto – aka “Vhils” for the 2018 Very Special Limited Edition bottle. As part of his worldwide tour with Hennessy and to celebrate the collaboration, Vhils was in South Africa

PPC Imaginarium Awards

PPC Imaginarium Sculpture Winner: Chris Soal

Winner: Chris Soal Runner-up: Franli Meintjes      The concept for Chris Soal’s Imposed Structure to the Detriment of the Members was inspired by materiality – of both cement and the object captured by the sculpture. The relationship between rebar and cement is synonymous. Their

Guy du Toit

Guy Du Toit: Discovering The Object

Discovering the Object refers, in the first place, to the work of Guy du Toit. In the second place, it proposes the book itself as an object to discover.      Carla Crafford first started photographing the work of Guy du Toit in 2005, and,

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