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The Queen of Johannesburg Florence BASA

The Queen of Johannesburg

Business & Arts is a monthly column by Michelle Constant, CEO of Business and Arts South Africa(BASA). Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune of attending many BASA events and others,


Let’s get digital

Lore Watterson is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Creative Feel Magazine If you’re reading this, we know you like us, but do you really like us? On social media, we mean. We

Documenting the past and present

Documenting the past and present

The Art of Performance is a monthly column written by Dave Mann, an editor and award-winning arts journalist. From the outset, the Goodman Gallery’s On Common Ground seemed like an exhibition

On family and fur coats Indra Wussow Literary Landscapes

On family and fur coats

Literary Landscapes is a monthly column by Indra Wussow, a writer, translator and director of the Sylt Foundation. My grandmother’s old, grey Persian lamb coat, her mother’s fur shawl. Luxury possessions that

Angela Malan encore joburg ballet

Encore: Angela Malan

Angela Malan is a former senior principal ballerina and a founding member of Joburg Ballet. She works internationally as a dancer, coach, choreographer and producer and is currently producing and

Jake Michael Singer There is Humming in the Air

There is Humming in the Air

There is Humming in the Air, Jake Michael Singer, 2018. Stainless Steel 316L. Edition: 1. Photo courtesy Kalashnikovv Gallery.      Jake Michael Singer is an artist fascinated by spatial

Our lives, our stories

‘My heart is aware, my soul is accepting, my spirit is willing, my being is ready and God is in control, yet I find myself in a constant tug of

Art in the Time of Africa Absa UJ

Art in the Time of Africa

Art in the Time of Africa: A post-colonial gaze on contemporary African art practice, criticism, publishing, theory and philosophy of art, within a Pan-African context, is a one-day colloquium taking

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