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Dance Umbrella

Dance Umbrella: 30 Years On

Dance Umbrella 2018 will take place from 6 to 18 March 2018 at various venues across Johannesburg, celebrating 30 years of new contemporary choreography and dance.      One of the most celebrated events on the Johannesburg calendar, Dance Umbrella 2018 presents a line-up of

Cradle of Creativty

Artlooks & Artlines: Cradle of Creativity

Artlooks & Artlines is a monthly column written by Ismail Mahomed, CEO of the Market Theatre Foundation. John Kani, Pretty Yende, Steven Cohen, Lara Foot, Yael Farber, Mamela Nyamza, Robyn Orlin, William Kentridge and so many more other South Africans are homegrown superstars and they

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