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powerful women in the arts

A moment for reflection

August is Women’s Month in South Africa. Those of you who’ve been reading us for some time will know that for the Creative Feel team, when it comes to spotlighting and celebrating women in the arts, it’s more of a year-round affair than a single

Pauline Gutter

Unearthing ancient knowledge | A Q&A with Pauline Gutter

This June sees the launch of visual artist Pauline Gutter’s solo exhibition on the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Moving Cube platform. Titled PRIMORDIAL, the exhibition grapples with the universal themes of negligence, decay, and conflict – the duality of frugal survival versus the excessive waste

Pauline Gutter art PRIMORDIAL

Touching soil with Pauline Gutter at UJ Art Gallery

This winter the UJ Art Gallery touches the soil with Pauline Gutter’s new exhibition titled PRIMORDIAL hosted from 9 June to 21 July 2021. Having lived on Free State farms for the better part of her life, Gutter has a deep connection with the soil. This

Absa art gallery L'Atelier exhibition TRIPE

Absa L’Atelier winners present TRIPE

An ethereal, rubber environment with threads and tendrils has entered the Absa building. This otherworldly, sensory circumstance, which perhaps in one moment is a kelp forest of seaweed and anemones, the next an umbilical cord searching for its ‘mother’, or a hidden inner bodily microcosm.

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