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Editor's Note

Celebrations and success

Lore Watterson is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Creative Feel Magazine With the current doom and gloom of accusations, suspensions and the Minister of Arts and Culture’s intervention being so gleefully reported in newspapers on on social media platforms, now is the time to look at the

A global music and arts experience

The Soweto brand is globally recognised and revered for what it represents: history, rebellion, strength, and the perseverance of beautiful people. If one dives under the blanket of the brand, layers beyond the obvious, you’ll find the fuel of Soweto, pure artistic passion, and creativity.

PPC Imaginarium Industrial Design Winner: Giovanni Zambri

Winner: Giovanni Zambri Runner-up: Anton van Reenen      Giovanni Zambri’s concept bicycle aims to benefit the user by encouraging psychological wellbeing and promoting physical health. The piece shows that cement can be enjoyed while also making a bold statement with minimal visual cues. The

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