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International Museum Day 2021

Visit these museums for free this International Museum Week

The museums of Tshwane have collaborated to celebrate International Museum Day, which is annually celebrated on 18 May. Every year since 1977, ICOM has organised International Museum Day (IMD), which represents a unique moment for the international museum community. On this day, participating museums plan

Museum curator interviews

We've collected all of the interviews that the Creative Feel team has filmed for DITSONG: Museums of South Africa and put them into one comprehensive page for you to browse through at your leisure. From books to fossils, transportation to hiking trails, and everything in
newspaper from WW2

The old headlines of The Rand Daily Mail

Telling the story of events surrounding South Africa’s Entry into the Second World War (1939 – 1945) By Allan Sinclair, Ditsong National Museum of Military History Newspaper headlines are used to quickly draw attention to important stories. They are usually written in a term called

A Tribute to Dr CK ‘Bob’ Brain

Beginnings and early career history Charles Kimberlin ‘Bob’ Brain (see Fig. 1) was born on 7 May 1931 in what was then Salisbury (now Harare), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). From his earliest years, he had close contact with natural history as his father was an entomologist and

Sharpeville Funeral Human Rights Day

A most important day

When South Africa held its first democratic election in 1994, Nelson Mandela declared the 21st of March as Human Rights Day to commemorate the Sharpeville massacre and to pay homage to all of those who fought and lost their lives in the struggle for freedom. Annually on the 21st March,

Haasgat: The Cliffhanger

The Haasgat cave system has been the site of a substantial amount of research over the years, revealing further links to our natural history. In this article by Lazarus Kgasi, who works in the Palaeontology Unit at DITSONG: National Museum of Natural History, we find

Teresa Kearney Covid-19 bats

Zoonotic diseases and the value of natural history

Knowledge around zoonotic disease research is perhaps more vital than ever considering the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. In this article, Curator of Small Mammals at DITSONG: National Museum of Natural History (DNMNH) Teresa Kearney talks us through the importance of such research. During this Covid-19 pandemic,

Mancala board game Afrodescendant objects

Celebrating African and AfroDescendant Culture

Held each year on 24 January, the World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture celebrates the many cultures of the African continent and African diasporas around the world. In 2019 UNESCO established 24 January as the World Day for African and Afro Descendant Culture. The

Julia Roelofse interview DITSONG Kruger Museum Russian Bratina

The Bratina of Russian brotherhood

Compiled by: Julia Roelofse, Deputy Director: DITSONG: Kruger Museum and DITSONG: Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum. In 1962, the public was able to see an exhibition of a selection of honorary awards which were awarded by the Europeans to President Paul Kruger, General Piet Cronje and

DITSONG condiment spoons and pickle forks hidden treasures

Hidden treasures found in the backlog

Sterling silver condiment spoons and pickle forks by the gold- and silversmith, Kurt Jobst Compiled by Corine MeyerPHOTOS Jade Curgenven While selecting objects from the backlog during the GRAP 103 project, a rare set of sterling silver flatware, that turned out to be made by

DITSONG Ceramics Collection HG 60956/1-6: Batavian style tea bowls probably from the Middelburg shipwreck

Shipwreck Survivors in the DITSONG Ceramics Collection

Salvaged artefacts from an 18th century shipwreck Compiled by: Corine Meyer Research into identifying six ‘Batavian-style’ Chinese export porcelain tea bowls, 18th century, from the DITSONG: National Museum of Cultural History’s Ceramics collection, has revealed some interesting information.  HG 60956/1-6: Batavian style tea bowls probably

Annabell Lebethe DITSONG museum curator

Encore | Annabell Lebethe

Annabell Lebethe is the CEO of DITSONG: Museums of South Africa. Lebethe is well known for her leadership roles in the arts and culture sector, having led organisations such as the National Arts Council and the Market Theatre.  Name three artworks that you love and

DITSONG Japanese Dolls Festival Hina-Matsuri

Hina-Matsuri: The Japanese Doll’s Festival

Frank Teichert, Curator of Archaeology and Human Remains at DITSONG: National Museum of Cultural History, showcases some of the Japanese dolls in the museum’s collection in light of the upcoming Hina-Matsuri (Doll’s Festival). In Japan, Hina-Matsuri (Doll’s Festival), one of five seasonal festivals, is celebrated

DITSONG National Museum of Cultural History mummy mummification

Unwrapping the Mummy

Frank Teichert, Curator Archaeology and Human Remains, DITSONG: National Museum of Cultural History, takes an in-depth look at the mummies in the DITSONG collection. Why are so many people fascinated by mummies and the dead? Is it because there is something strange about standing next

DITSONG Museums South Africa Heritage Day Month celebrations

Heritage Day at DITSONG

With Heritage Day coming up later this month, Mariet Conradie and Julia Roelofse of DITSONG: Museums of South Africa explore the importance of celebrating heritage worldwide, and outline how they will be celebrating Heritage Day at the DITSONG: Tswaing Meteorite Crater.  Heritage Day, 24 September,

DITSONG Museum South Africa Nelson Mandela day

Understanding Nelson Mandela: 1990 – 1993

DITSONG: Museums of South Africa (DMSA) celebrates Mandela Day on 18 July in Soshanguve and Mamelodi to support orphans and child-headed households. DMSA Education Officers give learners at Uthando Primary School in Soshanguve and Emasangweni Primary School in Mamelodi a museum experience they will never

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