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Dynamo brings his magic live tour to SA in May

He’s walked on water across the river Thames, levitated in front of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and walked down the outside of the L.A times building; he’s predicted the Soccer World Cup outcome and taken a trip on the side of a

Candice Berman Wishbone

Gorgeous food & interesting art

In an exciting new collaboration, Berman Contemporary and Wishbone Café & Bistro Bar will be holding food and painting pairings, bringing the textures and colours of artwork to life with delicious food. The pairing of food with art has a longstanding tradition. Both have been

MJ Turpin

Head: Surface details

by Layla Leiman Self-proclaimed rebel of the commercial art world, MJ Turpin’s multi-disciplinary work can be read as a challenge to the status quo of what is considered high art. He achieves this through his use of materials, like spray paint, often associated with popular

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