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Casta Diva Boutique Hotel holiday vacation accommodation luxury comfort serene tranquil

Casta Diva is here to guide you through to 2020

We are again facing the madness as the stores and shopping malls fill up with ‘Christmas Cheer’ around us. Now is the perfect time to escape to Casta Diva Boutique Hotel – a hidden sanctuary just north of Pretoria where you and a few friends

Casta Diva Concert of Dreams Pretoria Opera music Anina Wasserman Chris Mostert Linette van der Merwe Thabang Senekal Albert Aldrich Susan Steenkamp-Swanepoel

Casta Diva presents ‘Concert of Dreams’

Opera is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful forms of emotion transformed into music. In each aria, you feel and hear the joy, love, madness, anger, sadness – any emotion you can think of. All of this portrayed by an artist. This is not the

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