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MTN Bushfire 2018: even more fire!

Winner of the African Best Responsible Event Award in 2017, hailed by CNN as one of the ‘seven African music festivals you really have to see’, and listed by BBC as a ‘Top African Festival’, MTN Bushfire can now add a new accolade to this

Hayley Nebauer

Telling Stories Through Clothing

From live productions to film and television, the characters that we see are elevated by the theatrics in their costumes. Building personality with clothing is an art form on its own, one that Hayley Nebauer is incredibly skilled at. Arguably one of the most important roles

Molière in South Africa

A wily opportunist, who affects sanctity and gains complete control over Orgon, a rich bourgeois who in his middle years has become a bigot and a prude. To the great despair of his family and staff, Orgon has been brainwashed into believing Tartuffe’s rhetoric, to

Rhino Disharmony

Rhino Disharmony

This April, artists will once again unite to raise awareness about rhino poaching in Africa with the Rhino Disharmony concert. The Rhino Disharmony movement aims to create one global voice against rhino poaching through the participation of artists, their fans and the informed public. The movement

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