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True grit: Art powers Joburg’s unique urban transformation

The uniqueness of Joburg’s inner city lies in the vibrant artistic spaces that can be found scattered across the often rough and chaotic metropolis. There are many current and planned developments that are revitalising the City; dirty, neglected areas and no-go zones are being transformed


#ArtMyJozi: The JDA and Trinity Session continue to bring art to Johannesburg

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), lead implementing agent of the City of Johannesburg, has appointed the Trinity Session as curator/coordinator for all placemaking processes: emphasising collective community oriented artistic projects for the next three years. With an emphasis on community-level co-production and collective participatory design


#ArtMyJozi: Place making through art

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) has for a number of years been passionately engaged in producing Public Art on behalf of the City of Joburg, with the guidance and collaboration of the City’s Directorate of Arts, Culture and Heritage and with the support of the

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