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Crested Barbet African Robots Ralph Borland

African Robots

African Robots is a project initiated by Ralph Borland to intervene in street ‘wire art’ production in Southern Africa. It brings DIY electronics knowhow and cheap components to produce interactive and kinetic forms of work with African automatons such as birds, animals and insects. Have

Illustrated books for young creatives

Illustrated books for young imaginations

The Brave Turtle | By BD Harris | Illustration by Megan Bird | Publisher: Imagnary House | ISBN: 9780639934389      Having collaborated with the NSRI for this innovative fundraising and awareness initiative over a number of months, the intention was to bring to life

Nature’s Best Photography Africa

Nature’s Best Photography Africa competition is now open

Nature’s Best Photography Africa, the premier annual African nature focused photography competition in the world, in association with Iziko Museums of South Africa, is pleased to declare that the 2018 competition is now open.      This popular competition invites photographers from across the globe

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