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Angus Taylor sculptures

New public sculptures at Moja Gabedi by Angus Taylor

South African artist Angus Taylor has built two new sculptures with the help of students and community members at Moja Gabedi, the University of Pretoria’s (UP) growing community engagement project. For about 100 years, Moja Gabedi stood as an empty lot in Festival Street, not

Norval Foundation Sculpture Garden

South Africa’s new art destination

When Norval Foundation opened in Steenberg, Cape Town on 28 April 2018, art and culture enthusiasts and the public alike gained access to a new space dedicated to showcasing art exhibitions with global appeal, in an environment that also fosters an appreciation for nature. Adjacent

Aspire Art Auctions

Aspire Art Auctions in breakthrough year

Every month, the MD of Aspire Art Auctions, Ruarc Peffers, contributes a column on the business of collecting and investing in art. 2018 proved a momentous year for the South African fine art auction market, and for Aspire Art Auctions, its newest entrant, in particular.      The

University of Pretoria sculpture museum

Museums beyond walls

When walking across the Hatfield Campus at the University of Pretoria (UP), one does not only pass beautiful historic buildings with noteworthy architectural features, but also a diversity of contemporary sculptures and other works of art. These public sculptures and artworks often go unnoticed, yet

Mark Read Everard Read Sculpture South Africa foundries bronze

Sculptures for the world at large

Tamaryn Greer and Lore Watterson of Creative Feel spoke to Mark Read, director of Everard Read Gallery, about his passion for sculpture and his role as a mentor to South Africa’s top sculptors. It’s a warm day, so Mark Read suggests we sit on the

Dawid Ras

Dawid Ras

About: Dawid Ras acquired his first painting in 1976 in Bloemfontein where he studied psychology at the University of the Free State. In 1979 he moved to Cape Town where the art scene was boisterous. His art collecting started in all seriousness: David Brown [sculptor],


The Contemporary and the Millennial

The market for contemporary art globally is growing. The traditional strength of the art market in South Africa has been in historic and modern painting and sculpture, roughly from the late 19th century through the first half of the 20th century.      Established markets

We love this

Angus Taylor’s sculpture “Sit en Staan”

Sit en Staan (Sit and Stand) by internationally renown sculptor, Angus Taylor. The work was auctioned at Aspire’s Contents of Deodar House Auction on 11 February, at R2 159 920. A minimum amount of R10 million from the proceeds of this entire auction will be

FNB JoburgArtFair

Looking Both Ways

Can a single work summarise a moment? Probably not, but among the many works for sale at the inaugural FNB JoburgArtFair, in March 2008, an ink drawing by Cape Town painter Georgina Gratrix remains memorable. Hung pell-mell with other snarky text pieces outside WHATIFTHEWORLD’s booth,

A Place in Time

A Place in Time

A Place in Time will celebrate, encourage and share with the world the highest standard of creative practice informed by and focusing attention on the exceptionally important context of South Africa as a centre of global heritage and an exciting contemporary art destination. A Place

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