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Imbali Artbooks Adventuring Into Art Visual Literacy Project

Fostering creative art teaching with Imbali Artbooks

A love and appreciation for art begins at an early age and it is the work of teachers and educators in the classroom that helps harness and nurture that initial interest and turn it into a lifelong appreciation of art and art-making. The Imbali Visual

National Arts Council Imbali Art Books

The Imbali Artbooks: Adventuring Into Art

The National Arts Council (NAC) supported numerous impactful projects and organisations in 2018/2019. One of these is the Imbali Artbook roll-out in three provinces. The NAC highlighted this as a project that will have a lasting impact in the future, changing young people’s lives and supporting

Imbali Artbooks

The Imbali Artbooks: Adventuring into Art

Imagine a new generation growing up with heightened imagination, creativity and innovative thinking. Studies have found that children who have been motivated to practice a specific art form and who spend time with focused attention on arts projects, have measurably increased attention capabilities, even in

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