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As part of our efforts to continue supporting and celebrating the arts & culture sector in South Africa, the Creative Feel team thought we’d tell you a little bit about what we do.

Since COVID-19, Creative Feel has transitioned to an all-digital mode of publishing, and these are a few of our stats since then:

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Did you know?

We can help you reach a brand new audience and improve your follower demographic to include those in the arts and culture sector. With personalised targeted audiencesyour campaign with Creative Feel has the potential to reach 70 000 people with more than 3000 engagements on our social platforms alone.

This 👆🏽 refresher campaign includes an insert in our weekly newsletter, a listing on our Art Diary, and a boosted social media campaign for just R2 600. Of course, everything we have to offer you is completely customisable and entirely up to you to make changes, so if you’re interested in reaching the right people, and spreading the word about your upcoming projects, please get in contact with our sales manager Thuli Mabaso at and she’ll help you with any questions.


Our Media Kit includes more details on just a few of the organisations we’ve worked with, along with a full list of stats and audience demographics, price list and potential reach for your company.


Who we’ve worked with

One of our most successful and impactful projects has been our Art Dairy. In 2020, when the pandemic shocked the world and cancelled any means of income for the arts & culture sector, Creative Feel reached out to Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) with an idea to support our local artists and showcase their innovation and resilience. What started out as a Virtual Events platform turned into a thriving calendar of events listed around South Africa (after COVID-19 restrictions slowly lifted). To this day, two years since its inception, our interactive space has consistently come up in the top 2 search results on Google if you search ‘virtual events in South Africa’, ‘virtual concerts in South Africa’ or ‘online concerts in South Africa’.


After the incredible response to our Virtual Events page, we continued to think of new ways to support the creative sector. Following the widespread loss of jobs and available platforms in the arts, Creative Feel put out a call for applications to emerging and first-time writers, filmmakers, and designers from across the country, urging them to share their thoughts, opinions and reflections. The result was My Art Radar, a collection of in-depth and insightful reflections on the arts, from video diaries and written reviews to narrative essays and short-form documentaries. Our My Art Radar project was made possible with the support of the National Arts Council (NAC) and the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC) Presidential Employment Stimulus.


Another rewarding project was our Virtual Vault. In 2020, we partnered with DITSONG Museums of South Africa on a massive project that showcased all nine of their museums in virtual format via video tours and interviews, gallery images, written Q&As with each museum’s curator, specialists, directors and details on their favourite objects and stories. A must-see for any culture and history buff.


For the fully online 2021 experience of the National Arts Festival (NAF), we did extensive coverage on it’s move from the physical to the virtual, it’s transition to a hybrid fest, from video and audio interviews with CEO Monica Newton and chats with a few artists in the festival, to our top picks and jazz performance highlights. Ahead of the upcoming National Arts Festival which returns to Makhanda in physical form this 2022, make sure you get a refresher on the festival.


In recent news, we’ve yet again partnered with the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative’s My Body My Space Public Arts Festival who, in 2021, transformed their entire dance festival into a virtual Whatsapp format where audiences could watch their favourite performances remotely, and at a safe distance. This year, we’re excited to share all things MBMS22 as they once again return to the physical space in Mpumalanga.


Most recently, and supported by the DSAC (MGE project funding), Creative Feel wanted to encourage contemporary artists and creative practitioners to carry on practising and transmitting their heritage through the arts. Starting with a handful of well-known and accomplished artists, our Creative Voices project was then open to submissions from artists young and old.


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