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Call for applications: Submit your work to Creative Feel’s Living Heritage project

With the launch of the Living Heritage project, Creative Feel is actively working to document and archive African artists working in the fields of visual art, performance, literature, music and design who are using living heritage within their creative practice. Our aim is to both celebrate these artists and to be able to share the myriad cultures, forms of heritage and ways of living in the world.

Now, we’re asking emerging artists and writers to add their voices and share how they use their own living heritage in their creative practice. Creative Feel is seeking submissions from young visual artists, performers, designers, musicians and writers whose work actively practices, promotes and transmits their living heritage. Selected works will be featured on the Living Heritage website and showcased to Creative Feel’s local and international audience of art-lovers.

Celebrating Living Heritage
through the arts

Andile Dyalvane, Idladla(Grain-Silo), PHOTO by Adriaan Louw.

What is Living Heritage?

Living Heritage can be understood as the stories people tell and the things they do, passed down through generations. It helps to define who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. Living Heritage is not the heritage of old and rare objects or places, but of social practices, stories, skills and knowledge. In Africa, this can include traditional folklore, indigenous knowledge, and embodied practices such as allegorical fables or performances, and oral histories. It can be a staged work, a sculpture, a spoken-word poem or a hand-crafted item.

Where do I submit?

All submissions must be made through Google Forms

Before you fill out this form, please familiarise yourself with our Living Heritage page and explore the artists, artworks, and performance pieces there. This is to ensure that you give us the correct kind of information, to understand the type of artists we are looking for, how they use their creative practice to express their Living Heritage, and to make sure we can adequately incorporate you into our archive of African artists. This form is for artists who have already created work that is ready to showcase on Creative Feel. Please ensure any attachments (images/videos) are of the highest quality and make sure you read through all of our guidelines. We will not consider work that is incomplete, insufficient, and that does not pertain to our project. Deadline for submissions is 11 March 2022.

Zizipho Poswa

Living Heritage Form
– submissions closed

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