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Art-binge: new art-related podcasts, performances and talks to stream online

It’s been a busy year and, as we enter December and ease into the holiday season, what better way to unwind than with a weekend spent binging on art in the comfort of your own home? We’ve put together another one of our art-binge features, filled with visual art, music, performance and more. Read, click, and enjoy!

Take an audio tour through the MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art has an extensive and freely available collection of interviews, audio tours and talks available on their website. Listen to artists, curators, and others speak about the Museum’s collection and special exhibitions.

art audio performances stream online festive season

Get the story behind the artwork with Google Arts & Culture

If you want to hear the story behind some of the world’s most iconic images, performances and artworks, Google Arts & Culture has a simple and easy-to-navigate collection of in-depth stories and insights from experts. Just click through to read about your favourite image.

Stay at home with the JPO

One of our favourite orchestras, the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra, has been dedicatedly building its ‘At Home with the JPO’ series of concerts and performances. From Mendelssohn to Mozart, hear some of the most loved symphonies and compositions, all performed live by some of the best local and international musicians and conductors, and recorded for your viewing and listening pleasure. Head over to the JPO’s YouTube to start your own private concert.

Take a trip to the theatre with The Centre for the Less Good Idea

It’s been another difficult year for theatres. Luckily, The Centre for the Less Good Idea managed to squeeze in two full Seasons of new, collaborative and interdisciplinary work this year, both of which they’ve recorded and put up on their YouTube to watch free of charge. In addition to their performances, they’ve also got a range of artist conversations, short films, and poetry readings to view and listen to. Head over to their YouTube channel here.

IMAGE ‘Toro’ from Season 8 of The Centre for the Less Good Idea PHOTO by Zivanai Matangi.

art audio performances stream online festive season

Listen to South African authors in conversation

One of the many annual projects waylaid by the ongoing pandemic is Cape Town’s Open Book Festival. Rather than cancelling or postponing, the Open Book Festival chose to engage a number of South African authors – from literary icons to first time writers and novelists – and host a series of discussions and dialogues about their work. They’ve put the full series of conversations, which are perfect to listen to in the car, while you’re cleaning, preparing supper, or just spending a lazy afternoon on the couch, up on Spotify.

Get schooled on all things art and culture with TED Talks

You’ve heard of TED Talks, right? Usually inspirational stories, entrepreneurial masterclasses, that sort of thing? Well, they’ve also got an entire section dedicated to talks about art. From NFTs and African artifacts, to the enduring nature of theatre and the necessity for a thriving artistic economy, take a look at their talks.

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