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A moment for reflection

August is Women’s Month in South Africa. Those of you who’ve been reading us for some time will know that for the Creative Feel team, when it comes to spotlighting and celebrating women in the arts, it’s more of a year-round affair than a single day or month out of the year. That’s why we’ve put together this special feature, committed to showcasing the countless individuals who continue to shape the arts in urgent and exciting ways. These are the outstanding theatremakers, visual artists, musicians, curators, CEOs, writers, directors and more who we’ve had the privilege of speaking with and writing about this year so far. Browse through the article or check out our navigation list to pick and choose what you want to go through.

Unmissable exhibitions and events:

Alberta Whittle and Farieda Nazier’s Right of Admission Retrospective
Right of Admission Retrospective

We’re thrilled to hear about the monumental retrospective of Alberta Whittle and Farieda Nazier’s Right of Admission Retrospective, taking place at UJ this month. There’ll be workshops, virtual performances and more so be sure you book your spot soon!

Karin Mathebula’s Fusion of Hues
Karin Mathebula Fusion of Hues

Karin Mathebula’s debut solo exhibition is not just an immersive and striking collection of paintings, it’s a reminder that no matter where you’re at in your life, it’s never too late to change paths and pursue your dreams. Read all about the senior executive who pursued paintbrush and canvas on Creative Feel

Janice Honeyman’s Cinderella
Cinderella pantomime Joburg Theatre

In the midst of the third wave and countless postponements and cancellations earlier this year, we were overjoyed to report on the upcoming staging of Janice Honeyman’s Cinderella at the Joburg Theatre later this year.

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