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Zolani Mahola’s voice takes to the skies

Internationally renowned musician Zolani Mahola’s iconic voice can now be heard in the South African skies following a collaboration with the country’s newest airline LIFT.

The airline recently released its official anthem in collaboration with Mahola, shortly after hosting performing artist Divine Mahara for the launch of his debut album onboard one of its flights.
     These collaborations kick-off LIFT’s mission to ‘#upLIFTsa’ and the many industries impacted by the pandemic, by creating an ongoing platform for musicians, artists, and entertainers around the country to shine and bring upliftment to our nation.

Released in early May, LIFT’s official anthem is said to reflect Mahola’s sentiments about the feeling of wellbeing and sense of positivity that LIFT embodies, through her distinct voice and uplifting sound.
     One of many firsts for the airline, LIFT recently hosted performing artist Divine Mahara on a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg, where he launched his debut album to an onboard audience at 30 000ft.  
     Passengers each received a pair of wireless headphones to enjoy the exclusive live performance – a groundbreaking moment for Divine’s career, as well as being his first ever flight.

‘We’re on a mission to #upLIFTsa and the many industries impacted by the pandemic. We started at home with aviation and travel, and have expanded to another space close to our hearts – the arts. Our dream is to let LIFT become a springboard for musicians, artists and entertainers around the country. Having only launched four months ago, we are proud to have already opened up our platform to create opportunities for fellow South Africans. From here, the sky really is the limit.’

LIFT co-founder Jonathan Ayache

Listen to LIFT’s official anthem in collaboration with Zolani Mahola, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  

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