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The South African theatres you should know

South Africa is home to some of the most innovative and dedicated theatre-makers in the world. Naturally, we’ve also got a superb selection of theatres.

From Johannesburg’s iconic Market Theatre to The Artscape in Cape Town, we’ve put together a brief directory of some of the top South African theatre venues that are worth paying a visit to in order to see some of your favourite productions, thespians, musicals, and more.

POPArt Theatre

POPArt Theatre

POPArt is a Johannesburg based independent production company and performing arts centre specialising in the Live Arts. P.O.P Art stands for People of Performing Art, and that’s exactly what they are about: providing a necessary support structure for emerging and established performing artists to realise new work in a sustainable and healthy way. The company aims to nurture, develop, produce and present art that makes a difference, and to consistently encourage artists to consider and realise their impact in society. With Covid-19, social distancing and restrictions currently in place, POPArt is bringing theatre outdoors so audiences can still enjoy independent theatre.

Address: “We are currently without a home address, but we’re shopping around. You can find us on the internet for now!”
Contact details:
Hayleigh: +27 83 245 1040
Orly: +27 82 472 2559

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