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Calling all bird-watchers: DITSONG’s birdwalks make for a great day out

On Sunday 28 February, DITSONG’s Sammy Marks Museum successfully hosted a Bird Walk with Avifaunal specialist, Mr Rihann Geyser.

  • birdwatching at DITSONG
  • birdwatching at DITSONG

The morning started with registration at 05:30 and the group departed on the tour at 06:00. Due to the nature of these specialist tours, group numbers were kept to a minimum in order for the field guide to communicate more efficiently to the whole group when a bird was spotted. The tour was attended by 18 bird enthusiasts who enjoyed an almost two-hour long tour in the field at Zwartkoppies.  
     After the tour, guests enjoyed breakfast at the croquet lawn near the Sammy Marks Museum, prepared by staff of the Museum. Some attendees also visited the Museum for a house tour afterwards.
     More than 50 bird species were spotted during the tour, with birds ranging from Karoo Thrushes and Black Cuckoo-shrikes, to African Palm-swifts and Amethyst Sunbirds.
     The next Sammy Marks Bird walk will be hosted at the end of April or the beginning of May 2021 with dates to be confirmed.

Museums of DITSONG are open to the public every day from 09:00 until 14:00 with normal Covid-19 restrictions and regulations. DITSONG: Sammy Marks Museum is closed on Mondays, Christmas day, and Good Friday. For further information, please contact the Sammy Marks Museum at 012 492 5800 or send an e-mail to

Tariffs general public:
R50.00 per Adult
R20.00 per Pensioner
R25.00 per Child
R30.00 per Student
R30.00 per Educator
R30.00 per international Child
R70.00 per international Adult

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