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Browse through the works of one of SA’s most celebrated artists with ‘The Kentridge Studio’

One of South Africa’s most celebrated global artists has launched a comprehensive online repository of his work. The new William Kentridge Studio website is live. 

William Kentridge Studio online archive
William Kentridge PHOTO by Norbert Miguletz

The Kentridge Studio is a simple and easily-navigable website that allows viewers to explore the artist’s work by medium and year, taking a deep dive into selected projects, and find out what’s happening in the studio while keeping track of upcoming events.
     Sections of the website are divided into literature on the artist, journal notes on his past and present works, as well as comprehensive image and video galleries showcasing his artwork over the years. In ‘Cabinet’, find idiosyncratic selections of Kentridge’s work around particular themes, or visit ‘The Reading Room’ to browse essays, articles, books, and musings about the work, by Kentridge and a range of authors.
     An artist whose work spans decades and continents, the Kentridge Studio provides audiences with the opportunity to browse through Kentridge’s oeuvre from the comfort of their homes.

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