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Shining a light on the Unsung Heroes of SA’s natural history

Palaeontology – Karoo fossils

DITSONG National Museum of Natural History unsung heroes curators

Chronology of preparators in the section:
1913-1921: E.C.N. van Hoepen.
1913: Mr A. Viljoen.
1913-1917: Mr H. Stedeveld.
1917-1920: Petrus, Servejo, Piet, Stefaans, Johannes, Machel.
1917-1921: Mr Loggenberg.
1932-1936: R. Broom.
1945-1969: Mr J.T. Robinson
1923-1967: Mr A.G. White.
1970: Dr A.R.I. Cruickshank, Dr C.E. Gow.
1976: Ms S. Kulva.

The assistant E.C.N. van Hoepen was probably the first preparator of Therapsid fossils at the then Transvaal Museum. In 1913, Mr A. Viljoen and Mr H. Stedeveld joined the staff as general assistants. Petrus, Servejo, Piet, Stefaans, Johannes, and Machel joined the Museum from 1917 until 1920. They also assisted in other sections. Mr Loggenberg replaced Mr Stedeveld.
     In 1934, Dr R. Broom was appointed to collect fossils and do preparation. He was assisted by Mr J.T. Robinson and Mr A.G. White. At the time when Dr Broom died, the collection work went dormant. In 1970, Dr A.R.I. Cruickshank and Dr C.E. Gow were asked to re-pack the collection. Ms S. Kulva catalogued the mollusc collection during 1976.
     The current volunteer programme was started ten years ago to assist in the mechanical preparation of fossils. Four volunteers spend one Saturday a month working at the museum.

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