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Of Soul and Joy: A platform for learning photography

Quarantine as seen from the townships.
Following the quarantine measures and school closure in South AfricaOf Soul and Joy, a learning platform for photography located in the township of Thokoza, in the South-East of Johannesburg, paused its activities. In order to stay in touch with the young photographers and to pursue their artistic training, project manager Jabulani Dhlamini asked them to realise a home-based photographic series to reflect on their experience and feeling visually of the sanitary crisis.
     Each week, new work is featured by OSJ students and showcased on their social media channels – including Facebook and Instagram. ‘Under COVID-19 constraints, we are proud to witness our students dedication and perseverance in recording their experiences during these difficult times.’

A platform for learning photography
Of Soul and Joy is a lasting social art initiative undertaken in 2012 by Rubis Mécénat and Easigas (Rubis Group’s South African subsidiary) in Thokoza, a township in the southeast of Johannesburg in South Africa. Its goal is to develop artistic skills in the field of photography among the township’s vulnerable youth by providing an understanding of photography as a means of expression, in order to open up new personal and professional horizons. As a creative platform, Of Soul and Joy offers weekly workshops led by renowned photographers, encounters with art professionals, collaborations with cultural institutions and organises artistic events in Africa and abroad. 

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