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Free films and documentaries as this year’s European Film Festival goes online

VIDEOS courtesy Cineuropa

What to look out for at this year’s festival

On a lighter note, the Spanish film directed by Bernabe Rico, One Careful Owner, tells the story of two very different women who form an unlikely friendship filled with tenderness, emotion and humour. The UK film this year is Bassam Tariq’s Mogul Mowgli, starring Riz Ahmed as a rapper on the verge of a big international tour whose sudden illness causes him to confront his Pakistani/English culture, and himself. 

This year’s festival also plays host to two urgent and topical documentaries, namely the Irish documentary, The 8th which looks at the divisive topic of abortion and women’s reproductive rights in Ireland, and the Swedish documentary I am Greta which follows the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg from her one-person school strike to her astonishing wind-powered voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to speak at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York City.  

‘These films give us much to think about, a common theme in all of them being Relationships,’ says curator of the festival, Peter Rorvik. ‘The wide range of relationships deal with antagonism, dominance, and dependency; with competition and conflict; with cooperation, friendship, and love; with class, race, and culture.  It is also about relationships with ourselves, and with our environment, and the eco-systems of which we are a part. We cannot always control our circumstances, but how we manage these exchanges will mark our place in the world.  This selection will not just entertain, but contribute to our awareness of relationships, guide our actions, and inform our ongoing journey of discovery of the world and ourselves.’  

Look out for the full programme of screenings and special events on the European Film Festival’s website. 

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