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Fostering creative art teaching with Imbali Artbooks

A hands-on approach to arts education

Berenice Carelse-Plato, principal of The Children’s Art Centre in Cape Town, explains that the interactive and engaging nature of the workshops helps teachers to participate in a way that sees them familiarising themselves with the artbooks more practically.

Ms Paulina Seabo, Acting Co-ordinator for Arts and Culture, North West Province, talks at the Imbali Artbooks roll out workshops about teaching creative arts in a hands on, practical way and how the books can inspire teachers to do this.

‘The Imbali workshop was extremely helpful in that it wasn’t based on a power point presentation where one feels detached from the content and the learning and experiencing thereof, but rather an interactive engagement with the content as well as activities that we as teachers and artists could participate in to allow us to understand the books better,’ says Carelse-Plato. ‘Having an opportunity to create artworks in so many different, unconventional ways was an eye opener for me, even with more than 20 years of teaching experience, to be exposed to different techniques which I could then implement in my own teacher training sessions as well as my classroom teaching.’
     Speaking at a recent Imbali workshop, North West Province acting co-ordinator for Arts & Culture Paulina Seabo explains that what is currently lacking in arts education is the practical component of creative arts. Making use of the skills and resources of the Imbali Artbooks and workshops, she explains, will assist teachers and learners alike.
     ‘What I really, really enjoyed is that, step by step, we were doing [things like] colour wheel and mixing paints,’ she says. ‘Imbali is assisting teachers in terms of practically [teaching] learners.’       

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