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Fostering creative art teaching with Imbali Artbooks

A love and appreciation for art begins at an early age and it is the work of teachers and educators in the classroom that helps harness and nurture that initial interest and turn it into a lifelong appreciation of art and art-making.

Ms Marlene Beukes, Senior Education Specialist in Creative Arts, Northern Cape, discusses the relevance of the art books at the Imbali Artbook roll out workshops.

The Imbali Visual Literacy Project has a long and successful history of providing training for creative arts teachers in South Africa. From their early workshops and skills development programmes in 1988, to the inception of their Imbali Artbooks in 2008, the project has been championing arts education and visual literacy for more than 30 years. More recently, through the launch of their interactive artbooks website and Facebook group, with the support of the MTN Foundation, Imbali is working to ensure that access to news, materials, and arts education resources is just a click away. Through the Imbali Artbooks workshops, teachers are now being equipped with the necessary resources and tools required to integrate creative art into their lessons.
     With a grant from the National Arts Council (NAC) in 2018-2019, Imbali was able to roll-out book sets and workshops across select provinces in South Africa. In 2019-2020 they partnered once again with the MTN Foundation to deliver books and workshops to a further three provinces. Working to supplement the introduction of the artbooks in schools, these workshops help to both stimulate and excite educators in a way that sees them harnessing their own love for art and applying it to their teaching practices and methodologies.

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