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Uplifting communities through the power of the arts

CF: What is coming up next for Lefika La Phodiso and how can our readers get involved/support you?
RM: We are actively working on partnerships and networking to reach more beneficiaries. And we are really working hard on establishing a social entrepreneurship model – where our services such as workshops, training and corporate work through team-building or debriefing, will ensure a more stable income and will leave us less dependant on donor funding.
     At the moment, we are looking for partners or donors to assist us to continue with the Saturday programme. Artists can also assist us by donating artworks that we can put up for auction to help us raise funds. Contact us if you feel pulled to assist in this way.

Social distancing and hygiene protocols being implemented during the Teen_Connect programme

     Readers can visit our website for more information. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and our Online Open studio videos are available on YouTube.
     We are always happy to partner and to welcome volunteers. If you want to find out more give us a call on 065 094 2152 or send an email to
     I would also highly recommend visiting our partner in the Teen_Connect programme, Wits Art Museum’s website and Facebook page to stay up to date with the work they are doing. The Teen_Connect programme was made possible by the support of BofA Securities who sponsor WAM’s educational programme.

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