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Exploring a new art adventure: Imbali Artbooks website launches soon

A brand new, interactive website

The MTN Art Foundation has once again partnered with the Imbali Visual Literacy Project, this time to fund the creation of a website to accompany the book. ‘The website does not replace the set of books, but rather provides alternative pathways for navigating the material,’ says Watterson. ‘Because the website is not set up in the same way as the books, a scaffolded progression, one can use the search function and access the material in a nonlinear way.’
     Says Sack: ’The website is, furthermore, an “extension” of the books, a portal into other modes of engagement with the content. For example, unlike the books – which, once printed, are a fixed entity – the website allows for constant augmenting and supplementing: we can source or produce updated video material (or written material or images) on the featured artists, on methods and techniques, on the teacher workshops, or news about accessing materials, relevant upcoming exhibitions, and so on.

     ‘And in cases where the physical books are (even temporarily) unavailable, the website does carry the same content, albeit in a different form.
     ‘Although the primary audiences are Senior Phase Creative Arts teachers and learners, the content of these books provide ample material that supports aspects of the CAPS curriculum in the Intermediate and FET phases as well. The website identifies and facilitates links to the CAPS curriculum: i.e. the website makes it easy to construct lessons that fulfil specific CAPS requirements by diving into the content of the books.
     ‘The website also links to a Facebook group (“The Imbali Artbooks Teachers’ Forum”), which will be a platform for teachers to engage with each other, and with us, to form support groups, to post images of their learners’ projects and works, to post suggestions, ideas, questions, requests for advice.’

    Watch the video below for a guide on the website and how to use it in conjunction with the books:

    The books will also be available to purchase through this interactive, media-rich new website – just click on ‘SHOP’ in the menu. Payments are processed through PayFast, which is fast and secure, and you can choose to collect your set from the Imbali Visual Literacy Project in Newtown or have it shipped directly to you.
     The Imbali Artbooks: Adventuring into Art are a vital resource, and we suggest browsing the brand-new website to get a taste before buying a set for yourself, a creative arts teacher, or a deserving school.

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A brand new, interactive website

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