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ARTTA Covid-19 Challenge

The Arts Talent Africa’s (ARTTA) Covid-19 challenge is an online competition created to support artists affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, wherein artists will compete with their skills to win a cash prize of $1000, $500, and $200 for the top three (3) contestants respectively.

Intrinsic to its name ‘Arts Talent Africa’, the competition will focus on artists aged 16 – 60 from all regions of Africa, featuring 21 countries, including Egypt, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa, ensuring true pan-Africanism.
     Applicants are to register on the official website, before 24 of August 2020, of which shortlisted artists will be given a set period of time to create a sculpture, painting, craft or another acceptable art form, after which the top 10 winners will be determined by a panel of judges.
     Art is inherent to African culture and expression, and serves as a form of income for many youths who depend on their creativity as a lifeline, however, financing their business is often a challenge. Industries across Africa have been grossly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, reducing business opportunities and revenue for many, including the art industry. Regardless, those with the financial capabilities have best marketed their art through exhibitions, which, in some countries might be restricted right now for health and safety reasons. As such, now more than ever it is pertinent to empower such talented people who do not have the access to funding and visibility they need to reach their goals.

Arts Talent Africa was founded by two African women, Melissa Ukamaka (Nigerian) and Nkaze Aichetou Njoya (Cameroonian), in a bid to revamp the art industry in their countries and Africa at large, by making it more accessible and beneficial to artists, youthful and contemporary, thus creating a community of avid lovers of art.
     Therefore, Arts Talent Africa presents the Covid-19 Challenge in which African artists are to create a piece on ‘The coronavirus and its effect on the African community’ as a way of supporting artists during these uncertain times.
     ‘At Arts Talent Africa, we believe in the potential of African youth to convert their skills and talents to income, thus ARTTA urges all
African artists to participate in this challenge, and to use this opportunity to create further wealth for themselves despite this global pandemic.’

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