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UJ Arts & Culture responds to the COVID-19 crisis with care and creativity

Allen Laing

Song selection: 9 ‘Loch Lomond’
Title of the artwork: Bonnie Backgreen Game

WATCH Allen Laing’s visual interpretation of Loch Lomond.

Bonnie backgreen games
     I’ kin seem fortuitoos tha’ th’ six-foot-seven, red-haired, awnie giant jimmy wi’ th’ scots surname shuid be chosen tae interpret th’ haunting an’ nostalgic sang aboot Loch Lommond; bu’ i’ truth, this wark wis inevitable. It represents awthin tha’ mah life haes bin buildin’ towards. This project haes combined mah deep research oan architecture, engineerin’, material technology, ecology, green construction, sustainability an’ magic.
     Frae th’ druid-builders o’ ancient earth mounds , thro’ th’ kingly constructors o’ cathedrals ‘n’ castles, tae th’ modern machinists wha’ harnessed th’ power o’ steam; th’ kilted folk hae it in thair bluid tae heap things atop ane anither, ‘n’ tae aim higher than e’en th’ builders o’ Babel.
     The low road teuk me, in engineer’s blue overalls, tae th’ dirt o’ mah wee rented backgreen, whaur ah envisioned a soaring monument gart o’ hee haw bu’ natural materials. In th’ 10 square meter backgreen whaur we graw weeds ‘n’ lang grass ah wis able tae pick up th’ straw-like leaf-stems o’ uir indigenous Cussonia Spicata an’ bind thaim t’gether wi’ th’ vines o’ th’ gey invasive Cat’s Claw an’ Mornin’ Glory creepers.
     The resultin’ erection stauns as a memorial tae mah loov o’ nature an’ th’ bens, glens, burns an’ o’ coorse lochs o’ mah fatherland. Ah acknowledge that ah, tae, am an alien, an’ tha’ by windin’ masell aroond this land ah kin hulp tae build something different, an’ hopefully worthwhile, ye ken?

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