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The Lockdown Collection announces The Extension campaign

Giving emerging artists an opportunity to rise

Susan Woolf Pathways
Susan Woolf, Pathways, TLC Extension Collection

TLC has also issued an Open Call to emerging artists, including students, inviting their submissions. This presents up-and-coming artists with an opportunity to showcase their work and build their profile. The artworks submitted will be allocated to two additional collections, each of 21 artworks: An Open Call collection and a Student collection.
    For art collectors, the sale of the Collections is the perfect opportunity to purchase a truly special artwork, and contribute to a fund that is sustaining the creative arts in South Africa, at a time when art may be the most poignant contemplation of the global pandemic.
    ‘The first campaign built incredible momentum. It motivated South African artists to get involved – to create something that would capture the essence and the nuances of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. This campaign also elevated art and gave it importance; it’s not simply paint on paper – it is a legitimate and powerful reflection on a moment in history, as seen through the eyes of a visual storyteller. That the TLC campaign managed to generate funding of over R2 million, through a unique auction model, is simply incredible. It has allowed us to create a sustainable safety net for the arts community, as well as to contribute to the Solidarity Fund and uplift our fellow South Africans.

Robyn Penn Warped Time
Robyn Penn, Warped Time, TLC Extension Collection

‘This is a legacy we can be deeply proud of, and it has given us all the purpose we need to launch a second campaign, with passion and enthusiasm,’ says Bates.
    For more information about TLC and the Lockdown Extension, visit The Lockdown Collection website and follow its social media pages:

To find out more about The Lockdown Collection, click here.

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