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SAMPRA offers advice for musicians during times of disaster

CF: How can musicians apply for SAMPRA membership and what qualifications do they need to meet?
TM: Membership is open to all recording artists and record companies. Membership is free.

To apply via the SAMPRA mobile app (available on Google Play and App Store):

  • Download the SAMPRA mobile app on Google Play or App Store
  • Go to Contact
  • Go to Apply as a Recording Artist or Apply as a Record Company

Via the SAMPRA website:

Shimza One Man Show SAMPRA South African Music Performance Rights Association
Shimza One Man Show
  • Visit the SAMPRA website (
  • Go to Members
  • Go to Member Forms
  • Fill in the Application Form Recording Artists or Application Form Record Companies online forms. Once completed, click the Submit button.
  • Alternatively, download the form, fill it in and email the completed form to

CF: What is your advice to young, upcoming musicians at this time?
TM: Keep creating music! It may be downtime for most people but as a creative, this is an opportune time to create music.
     Maintain your relationships in the industry. This is the best time to make sure that you keep those vital relationships for possible mentorship and collaborations in the near future.
     Form new relationships. Reach out to people who can assist you with information, skills, networks and your career. 
     Sort out all your administration during this time – make sure you have applied for SAMPRA membership – make sure you have sent through all your track information by submitting all your notification forms. This will ensure that you receive Needletime Rights royalties whenever your tracks are played by SAMPRA licensed radio stations.

People can also reach us daily on these platforms:

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