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Life under lockdown: An interview with Rucera Seethal

What are you missing most about the outside world?

Click on any of the below questions to WATCH the corresponding video interview with Rucera Seethal. Or follow its natural course by clicking on the page numbers listed below these questions. Which would you like to see next?

  1. The NAF has been a definite leader for South Africa’s arts scene during this difficult time. As you pointed out in a recent thought piece, so much of the virtual/digital art (music, theatre, exhibitions, etc.) that is being produced is free or donation-based. The vNAF is obviously going to be ticketed, how do we go about convincing art lovers that virtual/digital artworks and performances should be paid for?
  2. As Artistic Director, curating this year’s vNAF must be quite a different experience to what you were planning originally. What are you looking for in terms of curation?
  3. At the beginning of the year, it was announced that Madosini will be this year’s featured artist. Is that still going ahead? 
  4. What has been (or do you suspect, will be) the biggest hurdle in taking the festival virtual? 
  5. What does daily life look like for you under lockdown?
  6. What 3 things could you not live without under lockdown?
  7. What are you missing most about the outside world?
  8. Do you think enough is being done to support vulnerable creatives and freelancers in the industry during this time?

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