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Life under lockdown: An interview with Lehlogonolo Mashaba

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown in South Africa have had significant impacts on the creative economy and the daily lives of creatives. Creative Feel spoke to artist Lehlogonolo Mashaba about daily life under lockdown.

Creative Feel: As an artist, how has the lockdown impacted your daily life?
Lehlogonolo Mashaba: I have made no changes in my daily routines because most of my time is spent in my studio where I reside. The setback is the collapsed art sales that have drastically hurt my business due to economic uncertainties.

CF: As a contributing artist to The Lockdown Collection, has it been a valuable experience?
LM: It has been a delightful experience to give to those who are in need. I am grateful for the platforms that are dedicated to facilitating fundraising programmes.

CF: What does an average day look like for you under lockdown?
LM: My schedule is built around my work, where I spend most of my hours, and sleeping. In the midst of work, I listen to informative podcasts and audiobooks. As soon as I wake up, I exercise, have breakfast, read and then work. Some of my time is spent on learning ingredients for my newly found plant-based lifestyle.

CF: How are you continuing to ‘consume’ the arts?
LM: Besides the social media posts by artists, the lockdown has forced us to officially experience the latest lingering digital platforms, such as 3D virtual exhibitions.

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