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Life under lockdown: an interview with Dr Same Mdluli

Interact with Standard Bank Art Gallery’s Lumières d’Afriques exhibition: 54 artists from the 54 African countries:

CF: What are some respite programmes that Standard Bank has put in place to support vulnerable creatives and freelancers in the industry during this time?
SM: Standard Bank, as you know, has been supporting the arts for many years, this has not changed and in fact, the moment we are currently in has, if anything, amplified the efforts to provide performance and/or exposure platforms to creatives during this time. You can refer to the Standard Bank Arts social media platforms for further details on this.

CF: Are there any aspects of the lockdown that you would like to continue in the future?
SM: When referring to the ‘New Normal’, it is important to remember that this entails discarding old habits and indeed introducing new ones that are more efficient and conducive to performing work tasks. I think many organisations have seen the positive effects of employees being able to work from home and how this can be beneficial for both the employee and the employer. Hopefully this continues beyond the lockdown in a balanced manner that considers the effectiveness as well as the wellbeing of both parties.  

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