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Life under lockdown: an interview with Dr Same Mdluli

Interact with Standard Bank Art Gallery’s David Koloane exhibition:

CF: What does an average day look like for you under lockdown?
SM: For the most part, it is participating in work-related video meeting calls. I have tried to maintain a regular routine to maintain a sense of ‘normality’ which entails exercising, reading and eating healthy.  

CF: How are you continuing to ‘consume’ the arts?
SM: Like many other sectors that have been affected by COVID-19, the arts sector has had to almost reinvent itself in a very short space of time. This has seen an increase in initiatives staged on digital platforms, particularly on social media platforms. I do, however, try to limit this as it can become overwhelming and saturated, which tends to limit the level of engagement with meaningful content.

CF: What has been your guilty pleasure under lockdown?
SM: Reading excessively and finally signing up to Netflix to watch series.

CF: What 3 things could you not live without under lockdown?
SM: My books, the internet, and video calls with my family. 

CF: What are you missing most about the outside world?
SM: Sitting at a restaurant and having good food and drinks with friends.

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