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DITSONG: National Museum of Cultural History

The DITSONG: National Museum of Cultural History explores South Africa’s cultural diversity in various permanent and temporary exhibitions.

DITSONG: National Museum of Cultural History Exterior and Interior

Exhibitions include rock paintings and engravings of the San people; thousand-year-old Iron Age figurines from Schroda in the Limpopo Province (described as “the best known artifacts indicating ritual behaviour in the Early Iron Age”); the Art Gallery presents an overview of South African culture through time, using cultural objects, crafts, sculpture and paintings and an exhibition on Marabastad is a true example of a cosmopolitan and fully integrated rainbow nation before apartheid.

Dinah Molefe ceramics Henriëtte Ngako ceramics Japanese Doll’s Festival
Unwrap the mummy Tableware of the 1950s and 1960s Peter Mthombeni

The Museum is located in the old South African Mint building behind (west of) the Pretoria City Hall, in the Pretoria CBD. It is easily accessible by road from all parts of the Gauteng Province. There is a Gautrain inner city bus drop off point right at the entrance to the Museum premises.

DITSONG: National Museum of Military History

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