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The Bag Factory under lockdown

Georgina Maxim at The Bag Factory Artist's Studios
Georgina Maxim at The Bag Factory Artist’s Studios

CF: During your, unfortunately shortened, time in residency at the Bag Factory Artists’ Studios, what have been some of the biggest benefits (both expected and unexpected) for your personal artistic practice?
Georgina Maxim: I have not realised the benefits as yet, I feel as if I left in a rush, just at a time when the flow of the work, the process was beginning to make some good sense, there was a good feeling to it. And when leaving, I imagined a short lockdown and looked forward to a return, and now with the extension, the imagination becomes a bit dampening. 

CF: Due to COVID-19, you had to cut your residency short and return home; the residency has, however, continued virtually. How is this working and are you still benefitting from it?
GM: I am not a tech person, I am not fond of all these things virtual and all sorts. There seems to give a timetable that I am unable to follow, I must also constantly remind myself that I should document my studio time, make a short video, it feels acted, studied, choreographed sort-of and that removes the naturalness of the studio moments. I am just finding it difficult in a nutshell. I left some of the works in progress hanging in the studio at Bag Factory and I miss them as I would like to join them with what I have started here at home. 

Georgina Maxim, Halfway Across the Galaxy and then Turn Left, 2019
Georgina Maxim, Halfway Across the Galaxy and then Turn Left, 2019

CF: Your residency was part of Art Connection Africa, a collaboration between KfW Stiftung and Triangle Network to foster visual art exchanges, capacity building and formal learning activities within Sub-Saharan Africa, and you are the co-founder, together with Misheck Masamvu, of Village Unhu, a space similar to the Bag Factory Artists’ Studios. What knowledge or skills have you taken back with you?
GM: Firstly, infrastructure is everything. We have a beautiful building here at Village Unhu and we have had to modify spaces and acquire a steel container for more space, but the space at Bag Factory just answers some of the many woes that Misheck and I have. Another important aspect I watched silently is the energy left lying around by any artist for any other artist to pick and use at will. The energy of ‘let’s create, let’s converse and so forth’, for that I am completely grateful. I hope I can replicate these two back here. 

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