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7 of Africa’s foremost creatives shine at Design Miami

South African artists and designers were well-represented at Design Miami 2019, with major new works by Dokter and Misses, Andile Dyalvane, Zizipho Poswa, Rich Mnisi, Justine Mahoney and Madoda Fani on show alongside Porky Hefer’s brightly coloured Molecules. Scroll through the next few pages to meet each artist.

  1. Dokter and Misses

Five pieces from Dokter and Misses’ first solo exhibition, Practically Everywhere, brought additional verve and dynamism to Southern Guild’s booth at Design Miami 2019. Inspired by the entropy and oversaturation the designers experience on a daily basis in downtown Johannesburg and in urban ecosystems in general, the works experiment with jagged shapes, odd proportions and stacked forms overlaid with textural surface treatments. Influenced in part by Tramp Art and the notion of needing to be busy, the collection makes use of gestural marks, irregular forms and dysfunctional clutter. 

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