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10 reasons to attend Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2020


  1. The SOLO section examines the issue of spatiality
    The third iteration of the SOLO section will examine the issue of space: its politicisation through issues of geopolitics, migration, spatial practice and theory, diasporic studies and borders, national and abstract.
         In anticipation of the exhibition, art fair director Laura Vincenti says that the theme has been selected to communicate how artists speak and relate to Space in their works and beyond.
         ‘So there is a double theme in one theme – the space inside the artwork, and how the work is placed to interact with space.’ The theme of Space also gestures towards broader cultural sensitivities in the sociopolitical moment, in which there is a heated national debate about historical entitlements to Space.
         The following artists have been selected for the SOLO section of the 2020 Investec Cape Art Fair:
         Kirsten Beets (South Africa) of Salon Ninety-One in South Africa; Teresa Kutala Firmino (South Africa) of Everard Read Gallery in South Africa; Nina Holmes (South Africa) of Eclectica Contemporary in South Africa; Alexandra Karakashian (South Africa) of SMAC Gallery in South Africa; Mawande Ka Zenzile (South Africa) of Stevenson in South Africa; Riley Holloway (USA) of Lars Kristian Bode in Germany; and Sungi Mlengeya (Tanzania) of Afriart Gallery in Uganda. 

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