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Tammy Greer is a writer and Creative Feel’s recently appointed Editor.

Nkhensani Rihlampfu Absa L'Atelier Award winner
Nkhensani Rihlampfu

In George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda, Deronda says: ‘For my part, people who do anything finely always inspirit me to try. I don’t mean that they make me believe I can do it as well. But they make the thing, whatever it may be, seem worthy to be done… Excellence encourages one about life generally; it shows the spiritual wealth of the world.’ This quote, for me, perfectly captures the spirit of Creative Feel and why we do what we do – particularly this month as we celebrate numerous arts awards and prizes.
     Firstly, congratulations to all the Absa L’Atelier 2019 winners, the Creative Feel team certainly found that the standard was excellent this year, with interesting concepts and techniques displayed in the awarded works. With the Absa L’Atelier having undergone so many changes this year, we were quite interested to see how this would affect the outcome. One big change is that instead of the three ‘Ambassadors’ going off to separate residencies in different countries, they will be going on their residencies together, first in France and then in South Africa. The resulting exhibition, with its strong emphasis on collaboration, should be quite intriguing to see, as these artists are quite different conceptually, they speak different languages, call different countries home, and work in different media. 

BASA Awards finalists Algorythm Business Arts South Africa

Of course, congratulations also go to all the Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) Awards finalists. Not just for achieving excellence, but for, as arts organisations, surviving and thriving in the arts space, and as businesses, for supporting artists and the arts. Ashraf Johaardien, the CEO of BASA, provides us with quite an incredible statistic: ‘Compared to an estimated arts sponsorship spend of R136 million in 2001, this figure has jumped to approximately R654 million in 2018. This massive increase is indicative of how cultural creation, production and presentation have gone from being almost ignored in the economic sphere, to being at the centre of new development strategies.’ With the state of government funding for the arts looking a little precarious at the moment, this growing support from the business sector is especially encouraging. 
     Creative Feel is also incredibly excited to be partnering with the Handmade Contemporary Fair (HMC) this year. As with so many others in the creative sector, the Fair has undergone a few changes in 2019 and is now under new ownership, but, having seen the list of exhibitors and the standard that has been set for this year, we are quite eager to see the innovative, hand-crafted wares from across Africa that will be on offer. We wish Cut2Black Media all the best for their first HMC and we hope to see you readers there!

Handmade Contemporary Fair HmC 2019 luxury craft Yellow Jewellery
Yellow Jewellery

Speaking of exciting changes, you will notice that we have incorporated QR codes in this issue. The team has curated some videos and image galleries that will add an extra dimension to our articles and allow for a multi-sensory experience while you enjoy Creative Feel. If you have never used a QR code before, it is quite simple, they can be scanned using either the camera on your iPhone or by downloading an app like QR Code Reader (iPhone), QRCode Scanner (Android) or Google Lens. Scan the QR code on this page to watch a short video that shows the making of this issue of Creative Feel.
     Enjoy the issue!

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