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Igama? at Vavasati International Women’s Festival

During women’s month, the writer and director of Milked Voice, Slindile Mthembu (2016 Standard Bank Ovation Award Winner), returns with her production Igama? which will be staged at Vavasati International Women’s Festival, presented by The South African State Theatre from 3 – 4 August 2019.

Igama? women's month day play theatre stage production South Africa Slindile Mthembu

Mthembu uses the theory of intersectionality (gender, race, and class) as a framework to explain the ways that systems of power and the politics of language erode the experiences of women through perpetual and systematic oppression. 
     In the play, Mthembu ruptures linearity by disrupting theatrical time and space to simultaneously highlight why black women’s lived experiences are not linear. Mthembu finds that the dominating theatrical discourse of beginning, middle and end narrative structures of playwriting is far too limiting to speak to contemporary issues experienced by women. 
     Thus, the play Igama? intersects five black women’s fragmented memories that move backwards and forwards. The play starts in the present, past, back to the present, into the future, then back to the present. This is done to epicentre themes such as identity, sexual violence, abuse, child rape, loss of memory, marriage, culture, the politics of language and white supremacy. 
     Mthembu welcomes a South African theatre audience to experience non-linearity form that unfolds why being a black woman in the post-colonial world is complex. 
     Tickets are available on: (Vavasati International Women’s Festival (South African State Theatre). 


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