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Collector’s Focus: Nudes in the Sanlam Art Collection

 The latest exhibition in Norval Foundation’s Collector’s Focus series, Nudes in the Sanlam Art Collection, provides an insightful glimpse into Sanlam’s renowned, decades-old collection.

Norval Foundation Sanlam Art Collection nudesNorval Foundation’s Collector’s Focus is a series of exhibitions and talks that highlight the role of collectors of visual art and design in shaping culture. It was established by Elana Brundyn, CEO of Norval Foundation, to recognise the unique contributions that collectors play in the preservation and evolution of culture.
     Both internal and external curators are invited to work with a collection that Brundyn identifies in consultation with that curator. While a few large-scale collections are publicly accessible, both locally and globally, many other high-quality collections are only on view in private residences, corporate offices or are simply in storage. This series of exhibitions provides a platform where artworks in these collections can be viewed, discussed and appreciated, honouring the contributions that collectors have made in supporting and promoting artists and designers, and is an opportunity to share with the public the vital role that collectors play.  

     Collector’s Focus: Nudes in the Sanlam Art Collection brings together a remarkable group of 87 objects owned by the insurance company Sanlam, as part of Norval Foundation’s third edition of their ongoing Collector’s Focus series. These artworks are connected to one another by their inclusion of the nude figure and were created by South African artists, or artists who were émigrés to South Africa, active in the 20th and 21st centuries.
     The nude, as opposed to an unclothed or naked human body, is a genre of work that is defined by the idealisation of the body according to culturally specific ideals. While many of these images are carefully observed interpretations, the nude nonetheless uses the human form as a vehicle to communicate the values or principles of a society.
     Collector’s Focus: Nudes in the Sanlam Art Collection presents a diversity of practices, including artists that chafed at social conventions, using the nude to comment on gender and sexuality, and unsettling simplistic interpretations of the genre and is on exhibit until 13 May 2019 at Norval Foundation, curated by Elana Brundyn and Owen Martin.
     Collector’s Focus: Nudes in the Sanlam Art Collection is on exhibit until 13 May 2019 at Norval Foundation and is curated by Elana Brundyn and Owen Martin.

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