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Art, beauty & cuisine

Nestled on the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg mountain range, you will find not only a true gem among the boutique hotels in Gauteng but also an avid admirer and supporter of the arts.
     As some guests missed a spa facility, this will now be facilitated by Sesi P Make-up & Beauty on the following weekends: 6 & 7 and 27 & 28 April. So, if you want a true experience, book a room, check-in, have lunch, relax by the pool or use one of the spa packages, wine and dine, wake up relaxed, dive into the pool, enjoy breakfast, and return home refreshed. Or even better, combine your stay with a show at Casta Diva’s Vissi d’Arte Theatre, we can assure you that you won’t have any regrets.
     Spontaneous classical and jazz performances are a common occurrence in the elegant and beautiful Casta Diva Charisma Restaurant. Each chair in the restaurant is an individual work of art, and you may select yours to sit on! Please do note that reservation is required as the focus is on providing quality, so the number of reservations allowed is limited. To reserve a table for a business, casual or a very romantic breakfast, lunch or dinner, call or WhatsApp 081 542 4449.

On stage at Casta Diva’s Vissi d’Arte Theatre in April:
Directed by Tonya Koenderman’s long-time friend and Durban’s Diva Lisa Bobbert, Diaries of a Down & Out Diva is a funny, charming – and sometimes downright embarrassing – story of the highs and lows of one diva’s showbiz life that has spanned more than 25 years. One quickly learns that being in show business is not all about glitz and glamour: there’s the time our diva falls flat on her face as she trips over a wire; or the time when an enthusiastic audience member tugs at her skirt, and the whole thing comes off.
     Of course, what is a diva without her music? The story is interspersed with a repertoire of diva-appropriate songs: ‘I’m a Woman’ from Smokey Joe’s Cafe, ‘I Am What I Am’ by Shirley Bassey, ‘It Was a Very Good Year’ by Frank Sinatra, ‘This Is My Life’, and ‘New York, New York’, to name but a few. Diaries of a Down & Out Diva will be on at Casta Diva on 27 April. Tickets are R140. To book, email or WhatsApp 081 542 4449.
     Do keep an eye on their Facebook pages, ‘Casta Diva the Place to…’; ‘Casta Diva’s Charisma’ and ‘Casta Diva’s Vissi d’Arte’, to stay up-to-date on the events and special occasions.
     For a sneak peek into what this true gem looks like, visit their website at
     Casta Diva Boutique Hotel, where art, beauty and cuisine are perfectly combined in the elegant embrace of luxury.
     Casta Diva, the place where you can break away, wind down, breathe and simply just… be.

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