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Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music is changing it’s name

The Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music (CMCM) is re-branding itself in celebration of its heritage. Located on the property of the famous Morris Isaacson High School, and in celebration of its 10 years since inception, the Centre has decided to re-brand itself to the Morris Isaacson Centre for Music (MICM).

Morris Isaacson Centre for Music new logo brandThe Centre was built to provide music education to the children of Soweto. In 2009, MIAGI (Music is a great investment) CEO Robert Brooks and philanthropist Mendel Kaplan envisioned a purpose-built music centre on the grounds of the famous Morris Isaacson High School. Architect Monty Sack was brought in to design the building.
     The Centre officially opened its doors in 2012 to the children of Soweto. In an environment where extra-murals are far and few between, the Centre fills the gap by providing children with a constructive and safe learning environment. There are currently around 300 children who are part of the Centre. Through practice and discipline, the children learn how to be focused and be a part of a team. In 2018, the Centre’s penny-whistle ensemble was invited to perform for both President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (of Germany) and President Cyril Ramaphosa. The Centre has also provided a number of opportunities that facilitate placement at music focused schools, bursary opportunities, local and international travel, performance opportunities and much more. Although music is the subject, human development is the goal. The question it is tackling is “How do we better support our children to make them successful adults?”.
     In March 2019, the Centre will release its new identity. The children, board and staff are all very excited about the new era that this will usher in.

Music Education in Soweto important as a tool for human development for MICM

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