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Afro-Soul Unplugged

12 April 2019 will bring with it the dawn of a new era. Vusi Nova and Ntsika present a masterclass in Afro-soul that will change everything we thought we knew. Will you be there to feel everything for one night only? Will you be there to witness The Baobab Sisters in their full glory? Will you be there for the show of a lifetime?

Joburg Theatre Afro Soul
Vusi Nova

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has just turned the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign on. If you haven’t already, stow your carry-ons and prepare to be blown away.
     Vusi Nova and Ntsika take us on a musical voyage, one that encompasses unique storytelling through their latest offerings.
     Ntsika started dreaming about songs from the tender age of 6 years old. His recent dreams have given the world a timeless, era-defining, cross-generational album. I Write What I Dream is a personal body of work that vividly paints a picture of just how much a gifted musical genius like Ntsika can make you dream.
     Vusi Nova paints a picture with his music. ‘I want people to know that although I’ve been hurt, I did move forward and I still believe in love. That’s what I want people to get from this album,’ he says confidently, certain of his power. An artist who stays set in his Xhosa roots, he doesn’t let the three platinum awards he has won go to his head.
     Danish female group, The Baobab Sisters, bring incredible talent and mesmerising sound to give you a first-class experience that you can only dream of.
     The Baobab Sisters are known for their bravery and diversity, this female ensemble captivates its audience through vernacular performances that evoke the African Roots that they have a clear connection to.
     The pilots Ntsika and Vusi Nova invite passengers to board this amazing aircraft filled with musical genius as Afro-soul is explored through the imaginative itinerant. The combination of the multi-faceted pair is set to produce an incredible flight where passengers will be transported to musical heaven.
     If music is the food of life, Afro-Soul Unplugged is set to be the feast that music fans have been yearning to nourish upon.
     This aircraft is proudly supported and co-produced by Joburg Theatre.
     Afro-Soul Unplugged will run on The Mandela stage for one night only on 12 April 2019. Tickets are now on sale from R150. Call 0861 670 670 or visit to make your booking now.

Muthaland Joburg Theatre

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