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ISOBEL’s Take Me Away haunting single & stunning music video release

Flamedrop Productions is proud to announce the release of the first ISOBEL single, the moving ‘Take Me Away’ and its accompanying beautiful, haunting music video.

ISOBEL is a unique and fresh new South African music experience.
     Emerging from the shadows this week with their first official single, they defy tired, regurgitated commercial conventions with a passionate new take on real, organic music, gliding through alternative realms of acoustic, dark-folk and neo-folk moods.
     This new Cape Town-based female duo is spearheaded by Terminatryx front-lady Sonja Ruppersberg (lead vocals) and author Nerine Dorman (guitar / co-vocals).
     With songs written from the heart, ISOBEL wanted to explore musical realms they haven’t tread before, their take on acoustic music filled with passion (and often reflecting their Gothic roots), touching many listeners to the point of driving them to tears.
     This week ISOBEL introduces ‘Take Me Away’ as the first official single from their forthcoming ‘Dark Ocean’ album.
     It is available at all respected download stores and streaming services, from iTunes and Google Play to Apple Music and Spotify.

Download or stream the track now at:
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‘Take Me Away’ – The Song:
The beautiful harmonic vocals of Sonja and Nerine (carried by the effectively minimalist acoustic guitar and bass), is enhanced by the incredible string execution of award winning violinist Matthijs Van Dijk (with additional cello by James Tagg). It tells a sombre but passionate tale, escalating into an epic swell of hope.
     “Take Me Away is essentially about a child going missing. It takes one through the emotions of loss and grief. The song contains themes of heartache, confusion and thoughts of what could have been.
     The song originated as part of our Makabra Ensemble live soundtrack performance for silent film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and was written for a very special creature by a childless mother.” – Sonja Ruppersberg (Isobel co-founder)

‘Take Me Away’ – The Music Video:
The stunning music video for ‘Take Me Away’ releases in tandem with this moving track and was shot in and around St. Paul’s Church (Rondebosch, Cape Town).
     The lush music video for this heart-rending song reflects both its beauty and sorrow, and was directed by Leon Visser (long time collaborator of Sonja, Nerine and Flamedrop).
     It can be viewed at YouTube: or on Facebook:

More About ISOBEL:
In its initial incarnation, ISOBEL was known as A Murder (but not everyone made the cryptic crow connection, the name coming across as more sinister than intended).
     Additional musicians include Matthijs Van Dijk on violin and Paul Blom on bass guitar.
     A Flamedrop Productions release, produced & mixed by Paul Blom, the creation of the ISOBEL debut album ‘Dark Ocean’ was done at their own pace, neither rushing its writing nor its recording.
     Across the first few years of the group’s existence, selective live performances have included an Ingrid Jonker poetry evening, a special unplugged Nirvana cover session before the screening of documentary Soaked In Bleach at the Sound On Screen Music Film Festival, the Mercury Live’s Blues Sessions, as well as the inaugural ALTERnatives music festival.
     The ‘Dark Ocean’ debut album is set for an early 2019 release, several singles to be unveiled leading up to it, the first being ‘Take Me Away’ (late-November 2018).
     All upcoming singles will be accompanied by equally striking music videos.
     Here you can find a video sample of the first three singles:

ISOBEL web links:

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